Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where does the AAP get such arbitrary 'information' from?

1. Do you see "Ambani" or "Adani" written on this helicopter being used by Narendra Modi? I don't. Where does the AAP get such arbitrary 'information' from? Any RTI?

2. Are there only two businessmen in India who can supply a politician with helicopters? If they are capable of arm-twisting that politician, wouldn't he look for other businessmen who can help?

3. The AAP gets donations from a few lakh supporters (officially/online). [One does not know how that proves it does not take donations offline or without receipt, but let's believe they are honest.] So its honcho Arvind Kejriwal rides a WagonR, its poetDr. Kumar Vishwas travels by an Innova and its eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan has as many houses in India as the number of places one can visit in a tour. The BJP gets donations from crores of supporters. So its PM candidate travels by a helicopter. What's the problem?

4. As a politician why would you want to sell misery instead of hope? India is aspiration. Let the people look up to their leader and think, "Some day, I will lead a life like him." Lifestyle of Indians as witnessed in the last 67 years of independence proves that they do not follow Gandhi in practice, no matter what sermons they deliver for political mileage.

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